Graco Car Seat Review

A parent worries about their child’s safety every single day. However with the Graco Extend2Fit car seat, safety should be the least of your worries. One of the best convertible car seats the Graco car seat has some of the best features of any top rated car seat on the market such as the one on

The Graco Extend2Fit

The Graco extend2fit is a convertible car seat meaning it can be used it is both a rear facing and front facing car . As such, you can use it with your baby from infancy until they are toddlers or even older. The biggest advantage of this seat is that you would not need to buy several seats saving you money.

What are the weight and height limits?

Similar to any other convertible car seat you may buy, the weight and height limits are important for your child’s safety. For utmost safety your child needs to be within the height and weight limits sets by the manufacturer. The limits a re different depending on whether you are using it in the rear or front facing modes.

Rear facing

It is always advisable to start using the seat in the rear facing position. Any child that weighs four pounds or more could find the Graco suitable. A child could ride in the rear facing mode until they are about 45 inches tall and up to 50 pounds in weight. What you need to look out for, is to make sure that the child’s head never goes more than an inch below the adjustable handle in full extension mode. While carrying your baby in a child car seat can be a terrifying experience especially for the first time parent, you get used to it after the first few travels.

Forward facing

The forward facing mode is most appropriate for when the child is about two years old. Given the high weight and height limits of the Graco extend 2 fit, you should have no problems having the child in the rear facing position until they attain the recommended age. However, you need to make sure that immediately the child attains the 45 inch and 50 pound weight limit, you move them to forward facing.

The Graco recommends that any child weighing 22 pounds to 65 pounds can ride in the forward facing position. With such a wide limit, this is one of the best car seats even if you have a heavy or tall baby. The versatility of this car seat is one of its most endearing features.

Extend2Fit Features

Even as there are so many similar car seats to the Graco Extend2fit, this one is far above the rest given that you can use for almost any child. While there are some few instances where it may not be a good fit, I can assure you that most times, it will work with your kid.

Allowing your child to be rear facing the the longest time possible means that this seat is one of the safest around. Your child will be able to stay rear facing in this car seat until they are two years old or even older.  Some parents have reported using the Graco until their child was 4 with no problems which cannot be said of many car seat brands.

The extra time in the seat can be accomplished by making the legroom adjustable and the head rest tilt. With its superior Extend2fit technology the child gets to enjoy an extra 5 inches of legroom for even more comfort and safety. Not to mention the car seat also comes with a steel frame.

The car seat also comes with body inserts, shoulder pads, and lot of padding that makes for a very comfortable ride for your child. It is also very easy to use with its Simply Safe Adjust Harness System that allows you to easily adjust the headrest and harness in one simple motion. You can also adjust both of the aforementioned without needing to re thread the harness straps unlike in most other seats. For utmost comfort and safety you can even adjust the crotch buckle.

The eat also comes with a fuss free harness storage that can save you a lot of time and frustration as harness storage can be done in one swift movement once you unbuckle the straps. This can be great when you are either in a hurry or when the child is all tangled up in the straps. With this feature getting them in and out of the car seat is a breeze.

It comes with six reclining positions that makes for greater ease of use and comfort. You can also use four of the recline positions in the rear facing mode allowing you to use the seat from infancy until the child is a toddler. Lastly the Graco is not a huge clunky seat that will take up too much space leaving you with no place to place your shopping. It is small enough that you can fit it into even a small car.